Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Size matters

In discussing matters of size, while it is true that the size of a swimming pool does matter, it does not matter in the way that many think. Unfortunately, for many the discussion of size comes down to how big they can make it. You would think that this would be primarily a masculine argument, and it is. A man is more likely than his wife to raise the issue, when I am talking to them about their pool design. The wife, more demure, cares more about color and shape.

What do I care about? That it work well within the confines of its space, and that it not overwhelm that space. So, as with many other things, it is not how big you make it, but how you execute it. After all, even when by the pool, you do not spend most of the time in it but around it, so you have to have plenty of space to play, lounge, cook, eat, draw someone aside for an intimate chit-chat, and so forth.

So the question reverses: it is not how big you can make it, but how small. And now the discussion switches from one about size to one about utility. More on that in another posting. But here I want to introduce my partner in this extended discussion of waterspace design, and the intersection of swimming pools, swim machines, fountains, hot tubs, etc.

Meet "Swimergy". It, for it is an it, is a distillation of many of my ideas on water space design, and I would like to think - if I am not jumping the gun - that it is an example of where pool design is headed. Why is the Swimergy a futuristic pool? Well, first because it is respectful of its environment, in every sense of the word. It does not glom space, energy, materials or money. But it offers as much or more than each waterspace it stands in for. But I like to keep this short, so more abou the Swimergy and the elements of pool design another time.


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